International Advisory Committee

The IAC of CJPL is composed of leading experts in particle physics, nuclear physics, rock mechanics and other fields. There are no more than 10 members in the CJPL-IAC. The director of CJPL shall appoint one of them as the IAC chairperson. The chairperson of CJPL shall issue letters of appointment to every member.

The CJPL-IAC shall provide strategic advice, guidance and appraisal for the positioning, construction, operation, management, selection of programs, international academic exchange and cooperation, and other aspects of CJPL. The CJPL-IAC regularly holds a meeting every two years, including an underground laboratory site visit and on-site extraction of progress reports on the laboratory and research projects.

CJPL-IAC Member List:

Jonathan Richard Ellis (Chair)CERN / King's College London
Iris Dagmar AbtMax Planck Institute for Physics
Elena AprileColumbia University
Derek Elsworth Pennsylvania State University
Gilles Gerbier Queen's University
Aldo Ianni  Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso
Yeongduk KimInstitute for Basic Science of Korea
Tatsuya Nakada Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
Masayuki NakahataUniversity of Tokyo
Hans-Christian Schultz-CoulonHeidelberg University