Leadership and Organization

Currently, the CJPL management structure is a laboratory director responsibility system under the leadership of the management committee. Tsinghua University and Yalong Hydropower Company jointly own CJPL underground experimental space and related facilities. Tsinghua University and Yalong Hydropower Company appoint personnel to form the China Jinping Underground Laboratory Management Committee, responsible for macro decision-making on the planning, construction, and operation of CJPL. The China Jinping Underground Laboratory Management Committee organizes China Jinping underground laboratory management bodies responsible for the daily management, operation, logistics services and other aspects of the laboratory. CJPL has the post of a laboratory director, held by Professor Cheng Jianping from Tsinghua University, and two deputy directors. CJPL has physics division, engineering division, and logistics division, respectively responsible for the physics research, construction, and integrated logistics services and safety.

In 2015, depending on the experience and problems from the operating of CJPL-I and the report provided by the CJPL-IAC, the CJPL Management Committee analyzed CJPL management structure, put forward an idea of CJPL management structure construction, that is to organize the Scientific Committee, the Technical Committee, and the International Advisory Committee. The Scientific Committee is mainly responsible for evaluation on the physical significance and importance of the experimental programs possibly applying for or performing in CJPL-II space, to select the most important research programs using the world-class but limited underground laboratory space. The Technical Committee is mainly responsible for technical evaluation on experimental programs approved by the Scientific Committee, focusing on technical feasibility, including whether the CJPL space, the electric power, the air and other facilities and conditions could meet the experiment’s requirements, whether the program conforms to the management specifications of CJPL for safety, and so on. The Technical Committee also evaluates the funding for the program team, and makes judgments on whether the program teams applying for underground experimental space have sufficient funding to carry out research work and the decommissioning of the experimental facilities in the future. The International Advisory Committee mainly provides strategic advice on the orientation and development of the laboratory. These committees can be ones with international background and composed of experts at home and abroad. 


Fig. 1 CJPL Construction and Management Architecture