The space of CJPL-I for experiments is about 1850 cubic meters, has basically been the two experiments and related facilities fully occupied. With the current progress of research work, more space is needed to meet the underground experiments CDEX-1T, PandaX-1T experimental requirements. On the other hand, with the international scientific impact CJPL increasingly expanded, there have been a number of international research cooperation groups making use of the experimental space at CJPL.


Fig.1 Layout of CJPL-I

In order to carry out further research work and reduce the cost, Tsinghua University and Yalong River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. decide to start China Jinping II underground laboratory construction planning (CJPL-II). Without affecting the hydropower construction safety and schedule requirements, CJPL-II will provide a good experimental space for the future science research work.  


Fig.2 Layout of CJPL-II

The GeTHU low background counting facilities have been dedicated to radioactive material screening and selection for dark matter experiments (CDEX), neutrinoless double beta decay (0vββ), nuclear astrophysics experiments and other rare event experiments at CJPL. The first low background counting facility-GeTHU-I, was developed and put into trial run at CJPL-I in 2012. 


Fig.3 Low Background Counting Platform at CJPL-I

Process for Approving and Supporting Proposed New Experiments