How to reach CJPL


China JinPing Underground Laboratory

Located in Jinping Tunnel of Liangshan Yi Aotonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China


By Plane 
The nearest airport to CJPL is in Xichang.


By Train 
The nearest railway station to CJPL is Xichang Station.

By Car 
From Xichang to CJPL, you need a permit from Jinping Hydropower Plant. After you have made the application for the visit, we will offer you a permit. With the permit, you can rent a car or apply to Jinping Hydropower Plant for a car service to pick you up.





Hotels near CJPL


Qionghai Hotel

Locatin: No 115 Haibin Middle Road, Xichang City, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China

Phone: +86 (0834)3952096



Book a visit


If you want to visit CJPL, you can mail for the application.