Construction of DURF Started


        On December 20, 2020, the construction of the Deep Underground and ultra-low Radiation background Facility for frontier physics experiments (DURF), one of the 10 prior projects of the National Major Science &Technology infrastructure for the 13th Five-year Plan, was officially started, which marks that CJPL-II, the first and deepest underground laboratory of China jointly constructed by Tsinghua University and Yalong River Hydropower Development Company Ltd., has entered a new stage of construction.

        DURF has a construction period of 5 years and is planned to be put into operation in December 2024. After completion, the available space of CJPL will reach 300,000m³ and the total construction area of the ground auxiliary experimental platform will be approximately 4,000㎡. By then, CJPL is expected to be a world-leading deep underground research center and science education base.