2023 CDEX Collaboration Meeting Held


Group Photo of the Participants

     The 2023 China Dark Matter Experiment (CDEX) Collaboration Meeting was held at Tsinghua University from December 9 to 10, 2023. Over 60 members of CDEX Collaboration from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University, the Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Xichang University, and other institutions participated in the meeting. 

    The meeting commenced with reports from each member institution within the CDEX Collaboration, highlighting their advancements in 2023 and outlining forthcoming plans. The latter segment featured academic reports delivered by teachers and students from these institutions on their research progress across. More than 20 academic reports were presented, covering dark matter theory, physics analysis, HPGe crystal growth, HPGe detector development, low background and low noise electronics, low background measurement, and the development of radon mitigation systems.

    Enthusiastic discussions ensued among the attendees, delving into pertinent research topics and matters concerning the CDEX Collaboration. Consequently, the participants discussed the work plan for 2024, fostering a proactive exchange of ideas for future endeavors.